Why a sausage tree?

My brilliant therapist, Jim Winston, gave me a homework assignment: go spend some time with the sausage tree on Lincoln RoadThe Sausage Tree.  This in the service of appreciating the beauty that is still here on Miami Beach, a beauty that has become largely invisible to me as I have had to drag my dogs out of one too many pools of drunken tourist vomit.  So while appreciating the beauty and complexity, I decided to give myself an assignment: list 50 things I wanted to do before we moved out of this cesspool of rudeness and stupidity.  Because after all, once we get to the West, there won’t be any more ocean or tropical fruit or bougainvillea, and those things are cool.  So this blog is my record of figuring out my 50 cool and fun things, and doing them.  Either I’ll have a great time until we move, or I’ll fall back in love with this place all over again.  Either way, I win.

BTW – if you’ve found this blog it’s a total fluke.  I won’t be telling a soul about it, until I’m finished.  But keep reading.  And let me know what you think.

mbm – 11/4/2009


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