50 Fun & Interesting Things to Do Before I Leave Florida

In no particular order, and some of these are obviously going to take much more time/effort/money than others…

  1. Identify & photograph 50 cool and/or native plants
  2. Bike from Miami Beach to Naples on US 41
  3. Check out MOCA/North Miami
  4. Sleep on the beach overnight
  5. Bike from Key Largo to Key West
  6. Ride a horse in Ocala
  7. Spend the weekend on Little Palm Island
  8. Sit with Key Deer
  9. Feed the giraffe at Miami Metrozoo
  10. Ride a horse on a beach
  11. Make 10 things with mangos
  12. Swim with beluga whales at Sea World
  13. Make 1 thing with lychees
  14. Go birding on Sanibel/Captiva Islands
  15. Bike around Lake Okechobee
  16. Eat at 25 new (or at least new to me) restaurants
  17. Find forever homes for 100 shelter animals
  18. Go to Zora Neale Hurston’s house
  19. Go to the Coconut Grover Farmer’s Market
  20. Visit St. Augustine
  21. Fly to NYC in the morning, see a Mets game AND a Yankees game (not playing each other!) and fly home that night
  22. Spend the weekend on Siesta Key
  23. Have one REALLY good night of SoBe clubbing
  24. Swim to an island
  25. Visit Coral Castle
  26. Swim in the Venetian Pool
  27. Play a round of golf with Rita at Turnberry
  28. Visit the Spanish Monastery
  29. Take a class at the Art Center
  30. Go snorkeling at Pennekamp State Park
  31. Eat only at home for one calendar month (yes, that means nooooo Sbux!)
  32. See a psychic at Cassadaga
  33. Visit Monkey Jungle
  34. Tour the Kampong
  35. Go to the Bass Museum
  36. Chant at Loren’s house
  37. Go water-skiing
  38. Pet the Hemingway cats
  39. Visit the Center for Great Apes in Wachula
  40. Have a dinner picnic on the beach
  41. See the Krishna Temple in Alachua
  42. Have spa day at The Standard
  43. Walk the Shark Valley Trail
  44. Photograph every full moon over the ocean until we move
  45. Get a Miami-Dade County library card
  46. Make a mashup dance mix
  47. Visit The Barnacle State Park
  48. Get a henna hand tattoo
  49. See the ballet, the symphony, a movie and go to a museum in one weekend
  50. Rent a jetski

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